Five Experts You’ll Meet When You Attend the INHP Homebuyer Education Course

By Maggy Staab, homeowner development support associate

When you attend the INHP Homebuyer Education course, you will meet multiple subject matter experts who will walk you through the homebuying process from start to finish. Whether you are purchasing your first home or maybe your second or third, these experts will assist you with any questions you may have about the process. Here’s who they are:

Mortgage Loan Officer

How do you shop for a mortgage? What is a pre-approval? What are key questions to ask your loan officer? These questions will be addressed to help ease you into the first steps of homebuying and make you a well-informed mortgage shopper.

Real Estate Professional

INHP invites seasoned veterans of the real estate business to present to each class. They’ll tell you what to look for in a real estate professional, how to make an offer, and how to navigate a purchase agreement.

Home Inspector

A home inspection is a crucial part of the homebuying process, so INHP ensures a trusted, licensed inspector will be present to review the nuts and bolts of the home inspection.

Homeowners’ Insurance Agent

What is and isn’t covered by homeowners’ insurance? What if there’s a flood or a tree falls? These pressing questions will be answered by an experienced insurance agent to help ease your mind about all those crazy things that can happen once you own your home.

Closing Specialist 

Finally, we introduce you to the closing table. What happens now? A closing specialist will walk you through the paperwork and go over what you need to bring to prepare you for a smooth closing process.

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The subject matter experts involved in the INHP Homebuyer Education courses are trained volunteers who give their time to help homebuyers on their path to homeownership. Attendees of the Homebuyer Education class are in no way obligated to work professionally with them in their personal home buying journeys.

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