Homeownership Preparation

Think you have credit issues?

Your homeownership journey begins with completing the form* on the following page so we can complete a Homebuyer’s Assessment.

  • During the Assessment, a member of our client services team will pull your credit report (cost is $23 per household), analyze your financial history and determine your next steps.
  • If you are interested in purchasing a home with another person (e.g. spouse, partner or other family member), complete the joint assessment form. Joint applicants must attend the Homebuyer Assessment together.
  • You’ll leave the Assessment with a clear understanding of whether you’re ready to buy a home soon or if there is additional work to be done, such as improving your credit score or paying off outstanding debt.

No matter your journey, the INHP team will be with you every step of the way.

I am registering for a/an:

Individual assessment Joint assessment

*Information submitted on this form strictly will be used for homeownership planning purposes only. This is not a mortgage prequalification or loan application. All loans require the submission of a complete mortgage loan application and are subject to credit approval and property review. Program terms are subject to change. INHP will only pull your credit score with your consent.