Indy Midtown Magazine features INHP affordable housing initiatives

In the latest issue of Indy Midtown Magazine, read coverage of INHP’s new, innovative programs, which will bring affordable housing opportunities to several Indianapolis’ neighborhoods in Midtown. Specifically, these programs will each impact areas within the Crown Hill neighborhood:

  • Our New Markets Tax Credit program will deliver new or rehabilitate abandoned housing, in partnership with Near North Development Corporation.
  • Rehab Match and Home Value Guaranty are brand new loan programs for people interested in rehabbing a vacant or abandoned home and living there.
  • The Stabilization Repairs program offers current eligible residents affordable loans to make repairs to home necessities (like roofs) that are nearing their usable lifespan.
  • Our Anchor Housing program, part of Indy Chamber’s Anchoring Revitalization Program, provides incentives for employees to purchase or repair homes by their major Midtown employers.

Read the full article here, or click one of the links to learn more about these INHP programs.