Don’t fear these lending terms this Halloween

This Halloween, let’s take the fear out of these unfamiliar homeownership terms:

Lender: A lender makes loans to people of all kinds. Different lenders offer different types of loans. INHP helps you explore loan options with multiple lenders.

Down payment: The amount of the home’s purchase price that a buyer must pay using his or her own money. The remaining purchase price is typically funded by a mortgage loan.

Principal: The amount of money borrowed to buy a house, not including the down payment.

Interest rate: The amount a lender charges for borrowing money.

Want to learn more about the homebuying process? INHP offers a Homebuyer Education class that details many aspects of the homebuying process. You can sign up for our next session happening on November 10.

There’s no reason to be scared about homeownership when you work with INHP.