The social benefits of owning a home

“Homeownership was the next step in our life. We got a lot of the help we needed from INHP.” (Pictured: INHP clients Alex and Brad)

June is homeownership month!

At INHP, we offer the tools you need to become and remain long-term, successful homeowners. The tools we provide won’t help you tend to your lawn or paint the walls, but instead will help you deal with unexpected expenses when life happens.

The benefits of homeownership are also lifelong. Did you know homeownership plays a role in the success of your child’s schooling, encourages active civic participation and improves your own health and well-being? It’s true!

Deciding to purchase a home is a very personal choice. If homeownership is right for you, consider these benefits.

Improvement in school life

Owning a home doesn’t just affect your family’s life, but also your child’s school life. When parents own a home, their children tend to achieve higher grades in math and reading, and have fewer behavior problems. Not only are they more successful in school, but they also are more likely to stay in school as teenagers.*

 More active in local issues  

When a family owns a home, they are more likely to engage civically. Studies show homeowners vote more and spend more time volunteering.* Also, homeowners invested in their neighborhoods are more likely to voice concern about the issues affecting the place they choose to live.

Improvement to your health

Did you know homeownership impacts your health and well-being? New homeowners report having a better quality of life and tend to have higher self-esteem. When you own a home you also have a greater feeling of control over your life.*

Thinking about homeownership? At INHP, we’ll provide you one-on-one guidance so you can prepare your finances, improve your credit score and save for a down payment. And when you’re ready, our unbiased loan officers will help you compare options so you choose the right mortgage for you. Find more information here.

Source: NAR’s 2012 study entitled “Social Benefits of Home Ownership and Stable Housing