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INDIANAPOLIS NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSING PARTNERSHIP, INC. (“INHP”) may be required by law to provide you, the registrant, with certain disclosures and other written notices or communication during the course of your seeking, obtaining and maintaining a loan from INHP, including loan applications and credit information (“Notices”).  By submitting this online form, you agree that the preferred delivery method for such Notices by INHP shall be electronic.  Such consent shall not be valid for any future or unrelated transactions.

Electronic delivery means that Notices may be delivered to you in HTML or PDF format. By submitting this online form you acknowledge and agree that you have access to (i) hardware and software appropriate for accessing and retaining electronic documents in PDF format and (ii) a working connection to the internet which supports a secure channel for sending and receiving data.  INHP encourages you to print and/or save this Consent to Electronic Disclosures and Communication and any Notices received. 

You may request a paper copy of any Notices sent via electronic means by contacting INHP as set out below.  Paper copies will be provided free of charge.  Your consent does not require INHP to provide all Notices electronically.  INHP may, at its option, deliver certain Notices on paper.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to receive Notices electronically. You may withdraw your consent by contacting INHP as set out below. Withdrawing your consent will not affect the validity or legal effectiveness of any Notices delivered before your withdrawal became effective.

You are responsible for providing INHP with a working individual email address to which it may send you Notices.  Furthermore, you are responsible for notifying INHP, as promptly as possible, each time you change your email address.

Any inquiries, questions, withdrawal notices, or other communications related to this Consent may be directed to Cherie Pologruto, Director, Lending Operations at INHP via mail at

3550 N. Washington Boulevard, Indianapolis, Indiana  46205, via phone at 317-610-4634, or via email at

By clicking on the “I consent” box, I agree that I have read and understand this Consent and that all representations herein are true and accurate, and I consent to receipt of Notices via my electronic contact information set forth in my registration. The date of my consent begins at the timestamp recorded when I submit my form to INHP.


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