Hard questions answered about INHP’s rehab department

One of INHP’s core services is providing comprehensive support when you need to make major repairs to your home. We help you:

  • Secure low- or no-interest loans to make urgent home repairs
  • Select an INHP-preferred licensed contractor to complete the work
  • Establish a flexible payment schedule
  • Navigate the process of working with the contractor until final inspection

Watch as INHP helped David and Brian finance repairs to their home’s plumbing.

We believe homeowners should be equipped with the knowledge to make the best decision possible so they can live in a safe, decent and affordable home. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

If I get a home repair loan with INHP, is this a second 30-year mortgage?

Yes. INHP will file a second mortgage with the Marion County Recorder’s office for the amount of the loan. This mortgage acts as a lien on your property. You can have multiple liens on your home.

Why is this a second mortgage product and not a traditional loan or grant?

This program requires a lien, but payment does not come fully due until the home is sold or at the end of the 30 years. This creates flexible payment terms and will enable you to make necessary repairs TODAY with little impact to your monthly income.

Other loan programs and grants offering home repair assistance are very limited and funding isn’t always available.

Do I even qualify?

Let’s meet in person to discuss this! Here are some requirements:

  • Marion County homeowner
  • Owner occupied and name is on title
  • Household income under 80 percent AMI
  • Current on mortgage, property taxes and homeowner’s insurance
  • Type of repairs are eligible and approved

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