Stabilization Repairs

Make home repairs before they become a major problem.

Not sure how to pay for home repairs you’ve been planning? INHP offers the Stabilization Repair Loan program so you can fix those home necessities that are reaching the end of their useful life.

Qualifying repairs may include: roof, windows, HVAC systems, accessibility modifications, siding and exterior painting and more.

Loan Details

  • 0% interest/.25% APR*
  • No required monthly payment
  • Maximum loan amount $12,500
  • Closing fees rolled into loan
  • Contractor and project support through INHP
  • Loan matures at the end of 30 years or it must be repaid upon title transfer

Loan Requirements

  • Current on home mortgage and home insurance
  • Property must be owner occupied and in Marion county
  • Review of all outstanding liens and/or judgements
  • Everyone on home title needs to sign loan
  • Use of licensed contractor and property Inspection
  • Income restrictions apply

Income and other eligibility restrictions apply. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice

* Loan matures at end of 30 years or must be repaid upon title transfer. Closing costs rolled into loan (up to $600)