Buy a Home

Want to buy a home?

You think you want to own a home someday, but you’ve got questions. Can I afford it? Will I qualify for a loan? Is now the right time? So why not start with INHP? Your non-profit, homeownership resource. And…the place to get all your questions answered, prepare your finances and choose the right mortgage.

Homebuyer Services

Home Mortgage Loans

  • Low minimum credit score of 570
  • Down payments as low as 3% of purchase price
  • Unique features such as no PMI and down payment assistance
  • Access to mortgages from 14 different lenders
  • Rehab loan options for fixer uppers
  • Unbiased mortgage guidance to help you choose the right mortgage

Mortgage and Credit Advising

  • One-on-one homeownership advising for up to 2 years
  • Personalized homeownership plans based on your situation
  • Help to improve credit, reduce debt and save for a down payment

Homebuyer and Financial Education

  • Dollars & Sense class to make the most of your income and improve budgeting skills
  • Understanding Credit class to learn the importance of credit and tips to improve your score
  • Homebuyer Education class to help you navigate the process to buy a home from start to finish