Success Stories

What’s it like to work with INHP?

Want to buy a home? Find out what to expect and what resources you receive when you work with INHP—whether you’re ready to apply for a mortgage today or you need to prepare your finances before you’re ready to buy.

Alex and Amanda’s Story

Alex and Amanda attended every homeownership advising session and stuck to their personalized budget. Watch how hard work pays off!

Lamar’s story

Although the memory of his parent’s struggle with homeownership still lingered with him, Lamar was determined to have a place to call his own. A place he could be proud of.

Bruce’s Story

Watch how Bruce, a single father of three boys from Beech Grove, achieved his dream to buy a home so he could give his sons their own rooms and backyard to play in.

Dennis and Heidi’s Story

Dennis and Heidi had sworn off homeownership, but changed their mind when they received unbiased mortgage guidance helping them to find the right loan and lender for their situation.

Tawanna’s Story

Learn about how Tawanna improved her spending and budgeting skills so she could purchase her dream house for her children—“a place where they can always come home.”

Alex and Brad’s Story

Hear how Alex and Brad learned how to manage their money so they could take their next step in life to become homeowners.

Their home. Their story.

Watch four families share their homeownership journeys with INHP.