Real Estate Agents

How we can work together

INHP is a trusted partner who can help your clients achieve homeownership. We offer affordable lending products to qualified homebuyers or can help your client unlock other area lender benefits. We also offer a comprehensive education and advising process for potential homebuyers that puts them on the path to long-term homeownership.

Do you have a client who is mortgage ready?
We have a team of loan officers ready to assist and partnerships with 14 different lenders. We also have several unique loan products, some of which are designed to help clients pay off their mortgage faster.
Do you have a client who could use a little more help?
In 2017, INHP clients were able to increase their credit score on average by 50 points and save an average of $2,912 per household. Learn how our programs can help your clients.

Innovative programs for your clients

INHP has some unique loan programs for qualifying homebuyers. Through the Home Value Guaranty program, homebuyers can purchase a home that needs extensive repairs in a designated neighborhood with a guaranty that the home will appreciate in value. And, through the Rehab Match® program, homebuyers can get paid for sweat equity when they purchase and complete repairs on a vacant or abandoned home in a designated neighborhood. Learn more about these programs and whether your clients qualify.

Stay in touch.
INHP’s Open House e-newsletter will keep you informed about products and services you can use to help your clients
achieve homeownership.
Together, we can identify and prepare future Marion County homeowners, and match them with the right home for their family and budget.